Tribute for Sri Shim


The life and legacy of this man Sri Shim is one that have to admire. I personally did not know Sri and part of me is kicking myself and wondering how I could have grown up right next to a man so loved and so awesome and not have met him.

It is something that I feel drives my passion with My Kailua. I truly want to know our community. This wonderful town of Kailua has so many intricacies and so many unique people. I know we wont always be on the same frequencies but thats true in any relationship. Ive always believed that we are more than just the place in which we grow up. Its easy to blanket us and say we are Kailuans. Yet somehow, that still detaches us from something deeper. We are really all family. We are living on this earth, in this small town, together. Thats so special. We are very fortunate.

I hope you are moved by this tribute to Sri as I was. Rest in Peace Brother.

About the Author: Danny is the founder of My Kailua. Having several local and mainland business’ in a versatile range of industries from food, music, art & medicine, he focuses his pursuits around community. Raised in Kailua, he has been apart of and still is to this day, several non profits including his work at Kawainui to perpetuate Hawaiian history, health, the arts and the land. His passion for culture, people and public relations are the driving forces to building a better, more connected community.