The ‘Olena Restaurant – Hidden Gem


Tucked away on 1100 acres of lush and enchanting landscapes in the center of the Royal Hawaiian Golf Club in Maunawili, Kailua sits The ‘Olena Restaurant. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s not a club and you do NOT need to be a member to eat there or even golf there.

History & Style
The restaurant was given the name The ‘Olena due to the fact that ‘Olena plants lined the walk way up to the restaurant from the Pro Shop area.

The concept of the restaurant is to promote “farm to table” whenever possible.  Most of the produce comes from local farmers or sourced by local distributors.  Their Makaweli Burger comes from beef from the Makaweli Ranch on the island of Kauai.

The restaurant also prides itself on putting a twist on popular comfort foods.  The ‘Olena’s Loco Moco is made with a demi glace instead of gravy. On their signature french toast, they use their own maple-bacon cream instead of standard syrup.  Even their signature Caesar salad is non-traditional, where they use Szechuan peppers to change the spice profile and is given a distinctive taste.

Kailua Roots

General Manager Darin Sumimoto has worked at that facility for over 25 years and has outlasted a few owners.  Darin grew up in the valley, played in the streams and picked mountain apples from the seemingly untouched natural treasures beyond the well kept greens.  It is fitting that he works on the land that he grew up on and has an extreme passion and love for.  Darin was also able to show me some cultural Hawaiian treasures that exist on the 1000+ acres of land that included a bathing area of Queen Liliuokalani.

Food & Beverage director Shaun Myers and his family have Kailua roots as well and still remembers all the parades he use to get to see as kids from their family home on Kainalu.

Interesting Fact…  Every Friday night from 6:30 – 8:30pm The ‘Olena has live music and doesn’t charge a cover.  They have their schedule posted here:  Music Schedule For The ‘Olena

Visit their website at or call them at 808-425-9446