Lau Hala Shops Announced At Old Macy’s

The new plans for the Old Macy's is now made available by A&B which features a mix of retail and restaurant space.

State Reps to Repair Pillbox

State steps in to repair the deteriorating and potentially unsafe Pillbox at the top of Lanikai.

Tribute for Sri Shim

A beautiful tribute to Sri Shim who was fatally struck by a boat in Lanikai.

Tour Company Threatens Kailua Mother

Tourism is big business in Kailua. What happens when a company threatens a local resident mom for putting them on blast. Find out here.

The Slow Decay Of A Small Community

An introspective look from my perspective of how Kailua is changing.

Leahi Health Bar

Healthy plant based food and drink items that benefit your entire well being.