Olomana Golf Course Off & On


Without any notice, the Olomana Golf Course shut down this week. No staff, no lights on and no sign of whether the golf course would ever come back… until randomly at the very last moment there was a glimmer of hope with a press release stating they would be open immediately.

Signs of trouble began to show when the bills weren’t being paid on time. Eventually those bills fell into default with over $110,000 being owed to the state. Shortly after, the golf carts which were on lease, were reposessed by the company renting to Olomana and the owner of those carts said it was the first time they have ever experienced anything like this.

The state is now wanting to take back possession of the land it leased out to the Golf Course with papers filed this yesterday by the Department of Land and Natural Resources ending their agreement. This should be interesting being that they have announced a re-opening.

As of right now, it appears they will completely lose their lease which was set as a 65 year lease that ends in May of 2032.

What happens to those lands could be anyones guess if the state takes over. New ownership? or something entirely different. With 4 Golf Course options on the windward side, this one could be dead in the water unless by some miracle, they have figured it out clutch, in the knick of time.