Non DeMello Joins Down To Earth


In a twist of fate, Kailua’s beloved malasada maker Non Demello, has been acquired as the lead baker for health food chain Down To Earth. The sudden closing of Agnes’ Bakery left the town in a carb vacuum wondering where they would get their next sugar treat.

For over 50 years, Agnes’ served the Kailua company and 30 of those years Don was at the helm of the ship. Since that operation closed doors, another health food location entered in its wake.

“Non is working with our food service director, Edgar Edge, on revamping and developing new recipes for all of our made-in-house baked goods from breads and muffins to new pizza crusts,” Cynthia Cruz, Down to Earth’s marketing manager told Pacific Business News on Friday.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing any of those world famous malasadas soon, but we will have to see what Down to Earth has in store for Don’s baking future. Below is a warm memory of those delicious delights from Don you could only find in Kailua at Agnes’