Nalo Farms Suffers Loss In Storm



If you have ever been to one of Kailua’s Farmers Markets you have most certainly seen fresh Nalo Greens. A locally owned business that has become a staple in the Hawaiian Islands at grocery stores and restaurants alike. In fact, Nalo Greens is often preferred over your standard house greens.

Last week, our islands were delt a massive blow by an unsuspecting storm which left homes in ruins, cars under water and sadly its destructive path touched Nalo Farms as well.

The damage done was described to be over 100K in losses. Ovr 12 out of the 14 acres were decimated with serious damage to irrigation, fencing and of course, their crops. Amongst the damaged produce were roughly 50 beehives that were dragged over 300 yards down hill by the rushing and what seemed never ending flood.

A GoFundMe campaign was recently sent to us as they look to raise $100,000 to help get the farm back in working order to repair, replant and serve the community as they have for years. As of writing this , they have reached almost half of their requested amount!

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– MK