Maunawili Valley


The population center on the Windward side 100 years ago was Maunawili, not Kailua.  Maunawili was a hub of urban traffic and a bustling town.  Five stores near the intersection of what is now Highway 61 and Auloa Road catered to the Chinese, Hawaiian and Japanese clientele that made up most of the population.

Establishments included a general store, a barbershop, a tailor shop, a pool hall and the only store still open today: Kalapawai Store; which had moved to Kailua Beach and extended into Kailua town as a more modernized version of the original. 

Twenty minutes past Maunawili falls is the area Queen Lili’uokalani used as a summer retreat.  In the 1870s, this is where people of power and influence gathered for parties.  Nearby it is the Queen’s bath, and 10 minutes from the Queen’s Bath is the Kukapoki Heiau.  Built over 500 years ago, this was where the Hawaiians brought their offerings of produce.

It has been popularized in modern day by its seclusion and its beautiful cascading waterfall which many hikers head into the valley to experience.