Kailua Boy Tapped As Nobu Lanai Executive Chef


Seeing people succeed is amazing. Especially when its people you’ve known and grown up around.

Chris Texiera aka “Tex” had all the makings of hardwork, dedication and customer service from the get go. He was always one of the nicest dudes to be around, party with and just to have as a friend in general. Ill never forget when Chris was working at Formaggios and he saw me come in with my father knowing how much I love pork belly. He whipped an appetizer on the house for us with his classic light up the room smile and handed it over. Generosity defines him.

I am not surprised in the least that he has been tapped to move up to the next level in the highly coveted position of executive chef. That title alone is not without painstaking years of hardwork, washing dishes, prepping, learning the ropes from the ground up and shedding blood, sweat and tears. To be chosen at NOBU is just amazing.

His job will not come without long hours and stressful nights but his skill, determination and experience over the years has obviously prepared him for this new challenge. Maybe a restaurant of his own will happen in the future. Hes got it, from nuts to bolts. Congratulations Chris! You deserve it. Ive been saying this for years, but I need to get over there and see ya.

– Danny