Getting Around

You are in Kailua! Its beautiful, its alive and there are so many things to see and do. How will you get around? With many options, we give you a few things to think about.

If you are staying in Kailua you probably have a rental car. You are all set, but we should let you know that getting in and out of Kailua or Lanikai itself, depending on the day, can be a very long affair. Especially on weekends and holidays. There is a way you can fix this if you know ahead of time.

Renting a bike or walking is a great option to beat the traffic. It doesn’t sound too luxurious, but you will be laughing at everyone stuck in traffic while you are hot stepping it or pedaling to the beach. Not only do you help the planet but you get some good healthy movement going.

The Bus

If you aren’t in a position to rent a car, but you want to explore the island, we have one more solution for you. THE BUS! Yes, its called The Bus and it’ll take you wherever you need to go for a very small fee.

Bus Routes


Bus stop is on Kailua Road in front of Macy’s. Take Bus 70 with Lanikai destination. Check Route 70 time schedule since the wait between buses is one hour to one and a half hours.


Bus stop on Kailua Road in front of Macy’s. Take Bus 57 with Sea Life Park as destination. The number on the bus changes to Bus 23 at Sea Life Park before it continues on to Waikiki and the end of the route at Ala Moana Center. Do not take Bus 57A, as it will circle Enchanted Lake before it continues Downtown


Bus stop on Kailua Road in front of Macy’s. Take Bus 57A. It loops around Enchanted Lake and comes back by the Kailua Shopping Center en route to Downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center.


Bus stop on Kailua Road in front of Macy’s. Take Bus 57. Upon boarding ask for a “transfer” and the make the transfer at Ala Moana Center where a number of buses go via the center to Waikiki with Bus 8 being the most frequent.

You can also walk to the Goodyear Tire Outlet on Kailua Road and take either Bus 56, 57 or 57A to Ala Moana Center and then on to Waikiki.


Bus stop on Oneawa Street just beyond the Shell Service Station. Take Bus 56 with Kaneohe as a destination. In Kaneohe, at the Windward Shopping Center (NOT Windward Mall), transfer to Bus 55, which is marked “Around the Island”. The final destination of Bus 55 is Ala Moana Center via Pearl City and Downtown Honolulu.

Important Note:

When a bus change is necessary, always ask the driver for a transfer to avoid extra cost. Also, if unsure of a transfer bus stop, ask the driver, most drivers are cordial and helpful.