Canoes & Cats Get The Boot

This could be the end of canoes and cats on the beach. Something many of us have grown up with.


Personally, i never thought Id see the day but over 80+ catamarans and canoes just got notices on Aloha Friday of all days that they must remove their vessels from state lands or face their boats being taken and impounded.

What? So confused to this. Ever since I was kid I used to sit on these, find shade underneath. As a teen it was our hangout spot on the Ole Camel Toe. Have beers, light on up, make out under the canopy. You know, teenager stuff. As an adult I still sit on the same canoes but now with my wife and child and its never been a problem. There has always been an unspoken rule of the cats. “Feel free to sit on them, play under them, just respect them”

Ed Underwood who is the admin for DOBAR and Meghan Starts who is the Oahu district manager walked the entire beach photographing each one and in a statement made to KHON2, they said “Many of these boats have been illegally stored on the beach for years. Community members and area legislators have made it clear that ‘boat parking’ is taking up significant beach area at Lanikai.”

So let me ask you guys something. Significant beach area for whom? We all know the state does not truly care about the residents because they aren’t enforcing existing laws with zoning on illegal rentals and commercial activity, yet they want to remove one of our longest standing locations, and in my opinion a beautiful Hawaiiana scenic beach vibe of canoes and catamarans for “more space”. That space is for tourists. Lets be honest. Mufi Hannemann just made this video which seems more like desperate plea and a bid to “get more state money” for tourism. Thats the agenda. Straight up.

So heads up my boating friends. They are coming for you and going to start a sweep in coming weeks. What a shame.

These statements above reflect my personal opinion on the situation. Please return back to My Kailua’s post to share your thoughts.