Bale Kailua Officially Closed


TODAY was be the final day of Bale Kailua. For decades this Vietnamese eatery was a staple for many hungry residence. Whether it was a Banh Mi, some baked goods or their Pho, you literally could not go wrong.

The outcry on FACEBOOK from the town shows exactly how much this place will be missed with a recent post from a resident saying this below:

“I generally avoid ranting on FB, but for this, I make an exception. Eating what is to be one of my last meals from Bale’ Kailua is heartbreaking. Bale takeout has been a staple of OUR family dinners, shop lunches and events for over 2 decades. When I heard that A&B had raised their lease to $14000 PER month, I truly lost hope for the future of my town. Locally oriented businesses are no longer welcome. I encourage anyone who loved Bale to go down and make their last two days of business as fruitful as possible. Friday is the last day of operation.”

It really is heartbreaking to see the changes coming to Kailua which directly impact the residential community and its local business owners who are falling out one by one (Bale, Buona Sera, Mumu Heaven and many more alike).

We can only hope that whatever follows in its place will have some local charm and appeal to the residents as well as our visitors. The Kailua community is desperately holding onto many of the things we grew up loving as they disappear at such a rapid pace. Maybe we didnt love them enough? Maybe we loved them too much?

In any case, we hope you were able to make it down to Bale to give them a great send off. They will truly be missed.

Saying Goodbye
Photo: June Seto