Tour Company Threatens Kailua Mother


As if the over exploitation of our town couldn’t get any worse, today we learned of a local resident who was documenting a repeated illegal activity by the company 808 Trans . This company has illegally operated in Kailua and Lanikai by dropping off bus loads of tourists for quite sometime now. When approached by concerned residents its been met often with anger and aggression.

Today, a mother in Kailua was pushing her stroller with child in tow, when she noticed 808 Trans operating illegally by dropping off visitors. As you see in the video above, the driver of the bus began to yell expletives and threats her way.

We were contacted by multiple news stations who will be featuring our story this evening but in the interim, we were contacted by the owner Mark Murakami in which he said:

“We got a bus stop parking permit which allows us to load and unload people at the bus stop and have been operating the tours. Because City & County of Honolulu and Kailua police suggest me so. But today I talked City Council Mr. Ikaika Anderson. He told me that City bill dose not allow it in Kailua & Kalama beach area, even though we have permit. So we change course from tomorrow. We go to town only not beach area. I am very very sorry that my driver said to the lady. I want to appologize her and I want him to appologize her. This kind of thing never happen.”

We have spoken with representative Ikaika Anderson who has stepped in. From our experience the company has continued to operate illegally even after making statements like “we are legally allowed to drop off here” when its clear that the area is restricted as listed in Bill 11 of the city ordinance.

Kailua has been up in arms lately due to the lack of enforcement on issues like Vacation Rentals and commercial activity within our residential areas. A flyer has recently been made and will be handed out to Japanese Tourists who make up the majority of bussed in visitors to Kailua.

The flyer interpreted says:

Aloha, Welcome to our town. We are honored to have you here and we hope you have a great experience in Kailua.

There is something you should know about the company who brought you here which they arent sharing with you.

They are operating ILLEGALLY in our town and charging you alot of money to do so. They will tell you that they arent but the truth is that they are.

Any and all commercial activity has been banned in Kailua by a city ordinance called BILL 11. This includes tour stops, drop offs, selling of merchandising, kayak rentals from the beach etc.

We welcome all visitors but wish for them to visit the right way. Not illegally. Not only does this illegal activity put you in a bad situation but it endangers your safety here in our town.

Please take this note with kind regards and understand that our community is residential and we wish to keep it that way.

Thank you.

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